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Transformer Decepticons

Decepticon Create-A-Bot (voiced by Steven Jay Blum): Commonly referred to as "Starscream's Pet" by the Decepticons who rightfully believe that Megatron is leader of the Decepticons, he is commonly mistreated and fully unaware of it e.g. When Starscream arrives in Hoover Dam he knocks the latter down and exclaims his orders of destruction. He is the only Decepticon who was killed by Megatron if excluding Starscream. He was killed for being too weak to function after a battle with Starscream.

Transformer Decepticons 1
Transformer Decepticons
Barricade (voiced by Keith David): Differing to the film, he is much like G1 Kup- An old war veteran. He originally never actually liked Decepticon Create-A-Bot as he was Starscream's follower and wasn't in favour of him. He eventually treats him with more respect and lets him in on the team's actions. He is most commonly depicted as the leader until the most powerful Decepticon's return from absence into power. He was killed by Starscream for attempting to retrieve the Allspark.

Blackout (voiced by Noah Nelson): One of the largest, Blackout is commonly used for transport, seen transporting Decepticon Create-A-Bot and Barricade during some missions. While you would think Blackout would be the first Decepticon in the game like the film, he is not- He is fourth (Third if you include the glimpse of him at the end of Tranquility 1). Blackout was killed in default, as part of a cut scene by Starscream. He is the only Decepticon that didn't fight a boss in the Decepticon ds game, although in the Autobot version, he was in a boss battle twice (1st was fighting Jazz, 2nd was fighting Ratchet)

Transformer Decepticons 2Transformer Decepticons
Brawl (voiced by David Sobolov): Brawl is much like a child in this version, as he acts like one, claiming Barricade to be no fun when he would not let him destroy something and when they interrogate a tank, he chases it gleefully as he fires at it, resulting in it blowing up. Brawl mentions destroying Tyger Pax, referencing the prequel. Brawl is nor killed or seen or heard from by the end of the game, leaving people to question his disappearance, but he faced iron hide and then he is no longer heard from After Starscream defeats Barricade, he might or Chances are, since Brawl did not assist Megatron in retrieving the Cube and killing Starscream, he was never killed by Starscream. However, when Create-A-Bot is about to be killed by Megatron, he mentions that Barricade and the others were killed, and others does not account to only one Decepticon(Blackout), Brawl is most likely to be killed by Starscream as Create-A-Bot could not mean Starscream.

Starscream (voiced by Daniel Ross): The possibly most treacherous, darkest incarnation of the traitor. He does not appear, much like Megatron, until late into the game. Starscream believes he is the Decepticon's true leader, although he only has control over one person and early in the game too, his Protégé, Decepticon Create-A-Bot. He is killed by Megatron for betrayal and defiance. Also his G1 repaint form, like the toy, is the Target exclusive.

Transformer Decepticons 4Transformer Decepticons
Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker): The leader of the Decepticons. He has majority of the in-game Decepticons on his side, with Barricade taking control of the situation. Soon hand he is revived, as he is the only one who could ever pull Starscream out of power and likely execute him. Once revived he kills Jazz first of all, then he kills Optimus Prime and then Starscream, for he betrayed his leader and lastly he kills Decepticon Create-a-bot because he was weak. He is the only Decepticon to have survived through to the end of the game, as he was never killed during the events of the game.
Transformer Decepticons
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