Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Popeye Cartoons

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Popeye Cartoons
Popeye Cartoons 1
Popeye Cartoons 2
Popeye Cartoons 3
Popeye Cartoons 4
Popeye Cartoons 5Popeye Cartoons

snoopy screensaver

Do you like cute snoopy so much? These are some pictures about snoopy below.
snoopy screensaver
snoopy screensaver 2

snoopy screensaver 5

snoopy screensaver 6

snoopy screensaver 8

snoopy christmas


snoopy christmas

snoopy christmas
snoopy screensaver

Winnie The Pooh Bookmark

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Winnie The Pooh Bookmark
Winnie The Pooh Bookmark

Winnie The Pooh Bookmark 2
Winnie The Pooh Bookmark

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Classic Winnie The Pooh crib bale
Classic Winnie The Pooh crib bale 2

Classic Winnie The Pooh crib bale 4

Winnie the Pooh baby bedding setClassic Winnie The Pooh crib bale 5
Classic Winnie The Pooh crib bale

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pictures of Tweety Bird

Pictures of Tweety Bird 1

Pictures of Tweety Bird
Bob Clampett created the character that would become Tweety in the 1942 short A Tale of Two Kitties, pitting him against two hungry cats named Babbit and Catstello (based on the famous comedians Abbott and Costello). On the original model sheet, Tweety was named Orson (which was also the name of a bird character from an earlier Clampett cartoon Wacky Blackouts

Pictures of Tweety Bird 2
Pictures of Tweety Bird
Tweety was originally naked (pink), jowly, and far more aggressive and saucy, as opposed to the later, more well-known version of him as a less hot-tempered (but still somewhat ornery) yellow canary. In the movie Bugs Bunny Superstar, animator Clampett stated, in a sotto voce "aside" to the audience, that Tweety had been based "on my own naked baby picture". Clampett did three more shorts with the "naked genius", as a Jimmy Durante-ish cat once called him in Gruesome Twosome. The last of these, Birdy and the Beast, finally bestowed the baby bird with his name.

Many of Mel Blanc's characters are notable for speech impediments. Tweety's most noticeable is that "s" gets changed to "t" or "d"; for example, "pussy cat" comes out as "putty tat" or "puddy tat", and "sweetie pie" comes out as "tweetie pie", although it is doubtful he ever actually called himself by that name on-screen. Aside from this speech challenge, Tweety's voice (and a fair amount of his attitude) is similar to that of Bugs Bunny.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries

Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries 1
Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries
* Born: 1940
* Birthplace: The Movies
* Best Known As: Carrot-munching animated star

Along with Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny was the most enduring American cartoon character of the 20th century. The acknowledged star of the Warner Brothers cartoon menagerie, Bugs was a cocky, wisecracking, good-hearted hare who battled Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and other slapstick nemeses in dozens of animated short films. Bugs's debut as a star was the 1940 short A Wild Hare, where he first uttered his trademark line, "What's up, Doc?" Credit for the Bugs Bunny character generally goes to Tex Avery, who developed a preliminary character created by fellow animator Ben "Bugs" Hardaway. (Many of the later Bugs Bunny cartoons were directed by Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones; the voice of Bugs was provided by Mel Blanc.) The shorts remain popular in TV reruns.

Bugs Bunny Picture GalleriesBugs Bunny Picture Galleries 2Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries 3Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries

The 1958 cartoon Knighty Knight, Bugs won the Academy Award for animation... The Warner Brothers cartoons are collectively known as "Looney Tunes"... Bugs co-starred with Michael Jordan in the 1996 feature film Space Jam.

Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries
Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries 4
Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries 6
Bugs Bunny Picture Galleries 7
BugsBugs Bunny Picture Galleries

Monday, October 8, 2007

Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny

Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny 1Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (or Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Pictures) is one of the world's largest producers of film and television entertainment.

It is a subsidiary of Time Warner, with its headquarters in Burbank, California and New York City. Warner Bros. has several subsidiary companies, including Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video, DC Comics and New Line Cinema. Warner owns half of The CW Television Network.

Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny 2Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny

Founded in 1918 by Polish-Canadian immigrants, Warner Bros. is the third-oldest American movie studio in continuous operation, after Paramount Pictures, founded in 1912 as Famous Players, and Universal Studios, also founded in 1912.

Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny

Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny 4
Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny 5
Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny 6Warner Brothers Pictures Bugs Bunny

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thug Bugs Bunny

Thug Bugs Bunny 1Thug Bugs Bunny
A number of animation historians believe Bugs Bunny to have been influenced by an earlier Walt Disney character called Max Hare because he had similar big teeth. Max, designed by Charlie Thorson, first appeared in the Silly Symphony The Tortoise and the Hare, directed by Wilfred Jackson. Tex Avery, one of Bugs' creators, did admit to having copied Bugs' design from Max, although Avery's design of Bugs was less cute and innocent looking than Thorson's design of Max, so that Bugs' appearance would fit better with his sarcastic demeanor. Avery has been quoted as saying: "I practically stole it. It’s a wonder I wasn’t sued. The construction was almost identical." In fact, it was the drawing by Bugs Hardaway in 1938 that was chosen from among others as the direction for the character's personality. This drawing came to be known around the "Termite Terrace" as Bugs' Bunny, when the possessive apostrophe was eventually dropped, the name stuck. Bugs himself would eventually appear in three variations on The Tortoise and the Hare. Source: Wikipedia.

Thug Bugs Bunny
Thug Bugs Bunny 2
Thug Bugs Bunny 3
Thug Bugs Bunny 4

Thug Bugs Bunny 5
Thug Bugs Bunny

Ghetto Bugs Bunny

Ghetto Bugs Bunny 1
Ghetto bugs bunny
Once upon a time in a land called fuck
Lived a duck named Donald and his mother was a cluck
Mickey Mouse wore a rag, pants in a sag
Neighborhood kingpin, but his brother was a fag
Donald had beef, so Mickey couldn't sleep
They was hootin for a while, and it was gettin kinda deep
Bugs Bunny had the props on the Eastside spots
Known to hit a five from a mile with a shot
Goofy was Mickey Mouse righthand man
One day smoked a stick, and came up with a brand
Called Pixie and Dixie, two killers from Chicago
A game of 5K, to eliminate Donald
But what they didn't know, is Donald was a G
Had big time respect, from the West to the East
Haps up see, and listen to the funk
First chapter in the funky cartoon from the ghetto

Huey and Duey and Louie with a
Shot down Mickey Mouse made .. Minnie
Everybody know Minnie got shot down
And the cop on the case was Huckleberry Hound
Huckleberry had a Deputy, by the name of Dog
Eye-witness to the crime was Kermit the Frog
But Kermit was scared and he wouldn't testify
Pixie and Dixie just did a driveby
On Donald Duck, but they shot and they missed
And now Bugs Bunny is gettin kind of pissed
Cause the shot that they missed hit his homeboy Elmer
Bugs sellin drugs on the motherfuckin corner
The future's lookin shitty in fuck city
So they called in the Feds, Beetlejuice and Miss Piggy
Shit's on the street, no that's how it goes
Scene two in the funky cartoon from the ghetto

Now the war is on and Mickey Mouse is dead
Quick Draw McGraw took two to the head
Huey and Duey and Louie got caught
And now they in the county, ready to sell out
Pixie and Dixie's on the run from the mob
Cause they tried to kill Donald and they didn't do the job
Bugs Bunny got popped, in a bar gettin drunk
Bullet fucked up Beetlejuice, while Miss Piggy had a pump
Donald got the word that his nephews was snitchin
So Tom and Jerry stuck em on they way to the kitchen
Goofy was a punk and everybody knew
Him and Huckleberry Hound was spotted drinkin brew
In the alley out back, in the corner in the dark
But they both got smoked by Jabberjaw the Shark
Donald Duck got the whole damn city sewed up
In a ghetto cartoon in a land called fuck

Ghetto bugs bunny
Ghetto Bugs Bunny 2

Ghetto Bugs Bunny 3
Ghetto bugs bunny

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bugs Bunny in Drag

Bugs Bunny in Drag 1
Bugs Bunny in Drag
Much has been made of the large number of times Bugs Bunny has appeared in women’s clothing in his cartoons. All sorts of outrageous assumptions and slanderous accusations have been leveled at Bugs, with dark hints made about his character. If anyone should be examined, it should be the Warner Brothers cartoonists, who were not above appearing in drag themselves, as shown in a gag reel made by the cartoonists, an excerpt of which is seen in the video of Chuck Amuck.

Bugs Bunny in Drag 2Bugs Bunny in Drag