Friday, November 10, 2006

Bugs Bunny Easter

Easter is almost here and that means pretty soon the Easter Bunny will be coming. I thought this would be a good time to pay homage to all of those fictional floppy eared, bushy tailed rabbits we've grown to love over the years. Oh and if you're a child and you are reading this then the word fictional means definitely, totally, absolutely real.

Bugs Bunny Easter
Bugs Bunny Easter 2
Bugs Bunny Easter 3Bugs Bunny Easter
Easter Bunny
Of course the Easter Bunny is on the list. The Easter Bunny not only brings us candy to enjoy every year but he also entertains us by playing a game with us. The Easter Bunny hides his eggs and we have to find them! Fun! What other fictional rabbit besides the Easter Bunny comes complete with candy and a game? I always wondered why the Easter Bunny used eggs though and where did the Easter Bunny get the eggs and what connection does the Easter Bunny have to Jesus' crucifixion?

Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny was not my favorite Looney Tune. I'm more of a Daffy Duck man myself. You can't leave Bugs Bunny off the list though, he is the iconic rabbit. Even though Bugs Bunny is pretty smug and full of himself, there are some times when you can't help but laugh at the things he does. Also Bugs Bunny teaches us to eat our vegetables. There are so many classic things Bugs Bunny has given us like his "What's up Doc" catch phrase. Bugs Bunny also perfected the anvil dropping, sign switching and the give-Taz-the-item-with-the-bomb-attached tricks.

Bugs Bunny Easter

Bugs Bunny Easter 5
Bugs Bunny Easter 6Bugs Bunny Easter

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