Friday, November 10, 2006

Bugs Bunny Drawing

So, what's up, doc? What else would you ask the man who directed 250 cartoons featuring a certain wascally wabbit and other Warner Bros. stars?

Chuck Jones is still hard at work, creating fine art drawings -- his work is exhibited at hundreds of art galleries and museums -- and new animated short subjects.

And he's happy to chat about his approach to animation. As a young fan long ago observed, Jones didn't draw Bugs Bunny -- he drew pictures of Bugs Bunny. "Once I got in with Bugs Bunny, he had to take some knocks himself," said the 86-year-old Academy Award-winner. "I had to make him human instead of super." The many sides of the toon heartthrob will be on display for 48 hours starting ...

Bugs Bunny Drawing
Bugs Bunny Drawing 2
Bugs Bunny Drawing 3
Bugs Bunny Drawing 4
Bugs Bunny Drawing

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