Sunday, January 1, 2006

Superman Cartoon

First there was the comic book Action Comics but before even Kirk Alyn took off into the wild blue yonder there was Max and Dave Fleischer's Superman cartoon shorts shown before movie features in the early forties. No one would even come close to the quality of these cartoons until the 1990's Superman the Animated Series.

Superman Cartoon 1

Superman Cartoon2
Superman Cartoon
Having witnessed the death of the live action Superman actor, George Reeves, the sixties would once again see an animated Superman. This cartoon would be on Saturday mornings instead of movie screens. Not great on animation but not without its fans due to its campy fun quality. This Superman cartoon premiered on CBS in 1966 as The New Adventures of Superman. The show was renamed The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure in the second season and renamed again in the third season as the The Batman-Superman Hour. Superman was voiced by the same actor who did the radio show earlier, Clayton "Bud" Collyer. These cartoons also consisted of Superboy and Krypto cartoons. These cartoons are now seen on the Boomerang Cartoon Network, a spin-off of the Cartoon Network. Usually the show runs on Sunday afternoons on the Superman Batman Hour which also includes episodes of Superman.

Superman Cartoon
Superman Cartoon 4Superman Cartoon 5
Superman Cartoon 7Superman Cartoon

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