Saturday, January 14, 2006

Batman Joker

In 1940, the collaborative team of Batman creator Bob Kane, co-creator Bill Finger and writer Jerry Robinson conceived a villain that would haunt the Caped Crusader for over half a century. A photograph of actor Conrad Veidt in the 1928 silent film The Man Who Laughs and a joker playing card reportedly inspired the men to create the master criminal and introduce him in "Batman #1." The Joker was a mass-murdering misfit who possessed a chalk-white face, fluorescent green hair and a set of bright red lips that caressed his broad, evil smile. But following the 1954 creation of the Comics Code Authority, introduced in the United States to regulate comic books, the Joker character slowly lost his criminal credentials and essentially disappeared from the Batman comics in the mid-'60s.
Batman Joker
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