Friday, November 9, 2007

Bugs Bunny Tattoos

Previously unheard of, today it is common for tattoo artists to offer popular cartoon characters as a tattoo design. Looney Toons characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are especially popular, as are Disney creations like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Tinkerbell. Of course these characters are all copyrighted and/or trademarked by their respective owners, making it technically illegal for the tattoo artist to apply them unless they have permission (usually in the form of licensing) from the owner of the copyright. So, you can't always just walk into a tattoo shop and ask the artist to give you a Speedy Gonzales or Heckle & Jeckell on your tush. Then again, it all depends on how worried the artist is that he might get into trouble. The FBI is probably a little to busy to be monitoring every tattoo parlor for copyright infringement.

Bugs Bunny Tattoos

Bugs Bunny Tattoos 2
Bugs Bunny Tattoos 3
Taz vs. Bugs Bunny Tattoo

Bugs Bunny Tattoos 4
Bugs Bunny Tattoos

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