Friday, October 5, 2007

Thug Bugs Bunny

Thug Bugs Bunny 1Thug Bugs Bunny
A number of animation historians believe Bugs Bunny to have been influenced by an earlier Walt Disney character called Max Hare because he had similar big teeth. Max, designed by Charlie Thorson, first appeared in the Silly Symphony The Tortoise and the Hare, directed by Wilfred Jackson. Tex Avery, one of Bugs' creators, did admit to having copied Bugs' design from Max, although Avery's design of Bugs was less cute and innocent looking than Thorson's design of Max, so that Bugs' appearance would fit better with his sarcastic demeanor. Avery has been quoted as saying: "I practically stole it. It’s a wonder I wasn’t sued. The construction was almost identical." In fact, it was the drawing by Bugs Hardaway in 1938 that was chosen from among others as the direction for the character's personality. This drawing came to be known around the "Termite Terrace" as Bugs' Bunny, when the possessive apostrophe was eventually dropped, the name stuck. Bugs himself would eventually appear in three variations on The Tortoise and the Hare. Source: Wikipedia.

Thug Bugs Bunny
Thug Bugs Bunny 2
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Thug Bugs Bunny 5
Thug Bugs Bunny

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