Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Storm X Men

Storm was a main character in the X-Men cartoon from the 90’s and it was a Saturday morning staple for me and my rave-tastic friends. We were so geeky that we even called ourselves the X-Squad and took X-Men codenames for when we went to the clubs/parties. This was the beginning of me actually going by Storm as my name (Before I legally changed it) and since we had no Cyclops or Professor Xavier (Thank the Goddess for small favors) I “led” the team. We liked nothing better after a Friday night of partying than to watch our favorite characters on the small screen. We were usually still up anyway, a big pile of folks in somebody’s living room being all around hyper and worn out at the same time.

Storm X Men 1
Storm X Men
I remember everyone loving Beast and hating on Jean. We even had a Rocky Horror-style interaction with the series and eventually we designed a drinking game on the show (Every time Rogue and Storm get shot out of the sky, drink. Every time Scott yells, “Jean!” Drink. Everytime Jubilee says, “I’m just a kid!” Drink. I’m having a hard time remembering the rest at the moment, but it got to be quite elaborate especially after we started buying copies of the show on VHS). I wish this series was collected on DVD. I’ve got all of Storm’s lines memorized from the episode of “Captive Hearts” where she fights Callisto for leadership of the Morlocks (But instead of a knife like she used in the comics, Ororo and Cal use big sticks with padded ends like old school American Gladiators). Ah, good times.
Storm X Men
Storm X Men 3Storm X Men
Anyway, Storm’s costume is white for the first time on this cartoon. Up ’til then she had always worn black in the comics. This costume is based on Jim Lee’s design of Storm which is memorable from his tenure on the series (Including the first issue of the adjectiveless X-Men title). Jim drew Storm in black but he really highlighted the reflection of light on the black leather. I suppose this is how Storm ended up wearing white in the cartoon, but this is all conjecture. I have to say, though, I really don’t like Storm’s wearing a white costume with her white hair (Especially as large as it was in this version). It doesn’t give her enough contrast visually. I did like her voice actors. They gave Ororo a real sense of authority which sometimes bordered on the ridiculous, but all the characters in this series suffered from the same bombastic writing. It was part of the fun.
Storm X Men
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Storm X Men10Storm X Men

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