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Rogue X Men

Rogue (Anna Marie) is a fictional character, part of the Marvel Comics mutant super-team, the X-Men. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Michael Golden, she first appeared in Avengers annual publication #10 (August 1981). More so than many mutants, Rogue considers her powers a curse. She involuntarily absorbs the memories, physical strength and, in the case of super-powered persons, abilities of anyone she touches. This potentially fatal power prevents her from making physical contact with others, including her longtime on-again off-again love interest, Gambit.

Rogue X Men
Hailing from Mississippi, she is the X-Men's self-described southern belle. A runaway, she was adopted by Mystique of the Brotherhood of Mutants but turned to the X-Men when the aftereffects of her repeated use of her mutant power — particularly the permanent absorption of Ms. Marvel's psyche and Kree powers — threatened her sanity. She is the step sister of fellow X-Men Member Nightcrawler.

Rogue X Men 2Rogue X Men
Rogue has been one of the most popular and consistent members of the X-Men since the 1980s. She was #5 on IGN's Top Twenty-Five X-Men list,[1], #4 on their Top Ten X-Babes list.[2], and was given title of #1 X-Man on CBR's top 50 X-Men of All Time.

Rogue X Men 3Rogue X Men 4Rogue X Men
Rogue has been featured in all X-Men animated series (although she did not appear in the 1989 failed pilot, Pryde of the X-Men[citation needed]), and various video games. In the X-Men film series, she is portrayed by Academy Award winner Anna Paquin. Her visual cue is often the white streak that runs through her hair.
Rogue X Men

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Rogue X Men

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