Saturday, June 10, 2006

Evil Bugs Bunny

Evil Bugs Bunny 1Evil Bugs Bunny
The gruesome pictures include children's cartoon favourite Daffy Duck having his head blown off by a gun-wielding Bugs Bunny, as blood is sprayed everywhere.

Another violent picture shows famous cartoon cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry as never before - with Tom the cat chopping Jerry into small pieces in a pool of blood and guts.

A third brutal piece of artwork features long-suffering cartoon cat Sylvester with a mouth covered in blood, having finally taken a bite out of his bird nemesis Tweety Pie.

The controversial characters, all taken from the popular Looney Tunes series, are included in artwork described as 'unrelenting acts of blood and discomfort never previously witnessed on the Cartoon Network'.

Evil Bugs Bunny
Evil Bugs Bunny 2
Evil Bugs Bunny 3
Evil Bugs Bunny

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