Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amazing Spiderman Cartoon

This television series bridges the first few years of Amazing Spider-man and Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-man. Peter Parker is a teenager living in contemporary New York, as in Bendis' Ultimate version, but he dates his best friend Gwen Stacey, as in the original Amazing Spider-man comics, and Mary-Jane Watson is "just a friend" who isn't interested in dating him, at least not exclusively.

Amazing Spiderman Cartoon 1
Amazing Spiderman Cartoon 2Amazing Spiderman Cartoon
Many of Peter's original supporting cast, including Flash Thompson, have been translated into modern terms. Especially interesting is the fact that at least some of Parker's former supporting cast members are now people of colour. Liz Allen is Latina and Ned Lee (formerly "Leeds) is Korean. This reflects the tendency in Marvel's Ultimate line to introduce more diversity by altering existing characters (e.g., Nick Fury is Black, Colossus is gay, etc.).

Amazing Spiderman Cartoon 3

Amazing Spiderman Cartoon 4Amazing Spiderman Cartoon

The first season follows several different plot arc familiar to long-time Spider-man readers: Venom's creation and his complex relationship Eddie Brock (retconned into the early part of Spider-man's career), his budding romance with Gwen Stacey, and the first appearance of the Green Goblin. The series has aired 1 season so far (13 episodes), and a second season has been ordered.

Amazing Spiderman Cartoon

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