Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Batman Cartoon

Bruce adopts the Batman disguise in order to be able to fight crime under a hidden identity. Together with allies such as his butler, Alfred, his sidekick, Robin, his former partner, Nightwing, or the acrobatic Batgirl, Batman manages to fight crime and protect the innocent.

Batman - although he has no superpowers, like most of the heroic crime fighters, Batman prowls the streets of Gotham City in a bat suit armed with intelligence and technology. The virtually unlimited wealth of Wayne Industries allows Bruce Wayne to purchase and adapt the most modern technological advancements that he can use when he is Batman. Our dark hero dedicates his entire life to striking evil when they least expect it.
Alfred - Batman's trusted friend has been a butler for the Wayne family for decades. Alfred took care of Bruce after his parents were murdered and he helps Batman solve both moral dilemmas and crimes with his sharp intelligence and impressive resourcefulness.

Batman Cartoon 2

Robin II - when the original Robin decides to become Nightwing, Batman finds a new sidekick in the person of Tim Drake, a 13-year old who has all the skills that are required by this position. Robin is always there to help when Batman finds himself in danger.

Batman Cartoon 3

Nightwing - Dick Grayson was Batman's first sidekick. He abandoned being Robin and became Nightwing and although he doesn't work together with Batman anymore, they are sometimes seen fighting for a common purpose.

Batman Cartoon 4

Batgirl - Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon, decides to fight crime just like her father, but she adopts a more subtle approach and becomes Batgirl.

Commissioner Gordon - head of the Gotham City Police Department, Gordon is one of Batman's trusted allies, providing him with information. On the other hand, Commissioner Gordon also asks for Batman's help when the constrains of the law don't allow him to succeed in fighting crime.

Batman Cartoon 5

Evil characters - the other side of the law is well portrayed in the Batman cartoon. With criminals such as Joker and his Harley Quinn assistant, or the infamous Two-Face, Batman and his allies have their hands full at all times.

Batman Cartoon
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