Saturday, May 9, 2009

cartoon monkey

I've known a lot of cartoon monkeys, and I want to talk about two of them. I have my reasons.

cartoon monkeycartoon monkey
Above you see Blip, cartoon monkey sidekick of Space Ghost. I am made at times to watch Space Ghost (no, Space Ghost Coast to Coast is not acceptable to the six-year-old, who does not appreciate irony), and I find myself really digging on Blip. Blip's awesome, y'all. I can't really understand why there's a monkey in space, but he sure comes in handy: sneaking up on Inviso-power to give Space Ghost back his power bands and untie Jan and Jace.

cartoon monkeycartoon monkeycartoon monkey
I wish I had an awesome monkey who could turn invisible. Not a real monkey, because that's kind of awful, but an animated monkey, or perhaps a sophisticated robot facsimile. We could wear matching unitards and masks. He could hand me things I need when I am incapacitated.

cartoon monkeycartoon monkeycartoon monkeycartoon monkeycartoon monkey

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