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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Combining the rich heritage of Disney's beloved classic characters with state-of-the art 3D computer animation, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" introduces a whole new generation of preschoolers to Mickey and his lovable pals. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, the learning-focused, song- and fun-filled series is part of Disney Channel's programming block for preschoolers, Playhouse Disney and also around the world on Disney Channels and Playhouse Disney Channels.

Guided by a specific curriculum, the series is designed to introduce problem solving and early mathematics skills (sequencing, counting, classifying, sorting, complex patterns, spatial relations, size and distance comparisons, addition, subtraction, weights and balances) in a fun way.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is the first television series starring Mickey in computer generated animation and although the genre is contemporary, the series' designs are referential to classic character drawings of the 1940s.

Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Daisy all join Mickey in this vibrant interactive series that invites young viewers to help solve challenges and overcome obstacles. Each engaging story features a different theme and offers cognitive, social and creative-learning opportunities through a dynamic, play-along experience. Interactivity is key from start to finish as Mickey speaks directly to preschoolers, asking questions and encouraging them to play games, participate in special phrases or cheers, and solve puzzles to reach a goal.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Many of the episodes are a re-telling of classic fairy tales such as Jack & The Beanstalk, starring Donald Duck, or Little Red Riding Hood starring Minnie Mouse. Recurring characters are Professor Von Drake, Clarabelle Cow, Chip & Dale and Pete
the Cat.

The episodes kick-off with Mickey inviting viewers to join him in calling out the "magic" phrase, "Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!" With that, the fantastic, mouse-shaped structure that serves as the series' shape-shifting home base begins to magically appear. Then Mickey introduces the theme of the day by leading the audience to the Picture Puzzle or the silly Switch. It's at this point in the show that something unexpected happens, which serves as the catalyst for the day's journey.

As the show's host and Clubhouse's leader, Mickey spearheads the charge to resolve each episode's dilemma. He enlists the help of a retro-futuristic computer called the Mousekedoer that produces a graphical to-do list outlining the steps

required to solve the problem. Once Mickey has the to-do list, he's ready to tackle the day's adventure – with the view's help. Along the way, he encounters preschool games and simple math puzzles that he and the audience must solve to continue their journey with the help of Mouseketools and the transportable device called Toodles, - gizmos and gear that organize and reinforce the episode's learning.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Every story starts off in Mickey's magical Clubhouse, where rooms can mechanically change into different spaces including those for crafts, storytelling and music. Some stories take viewers to nearby locations like the forest, the Mountains or the river, while others will transport them to far-flung parts of the world and beyond, including distant planets and galaxies. Mickey will also explore fairy tale worlds with the Sensational Six assuming the guises of storybook characters in an interactive, compelling way. In one episode, Minnie and Donald race into the Clubhouse to alert Mickey that Goofy has accidentally blasted off into space on a rocket. In another, daisy, in the guise of Little Bo Peep, announces she has lost her sheep and need help finding – and counting – them.

After successfully completing the day's adventure, Mickey and friends return to the Clubhouse. Toodles goes back inside the Mousekedoer and uploads the day's information. Then, Mickey recaps the days' fun activities and lessons learned through the celebratory "Hot Dog!" song. Mickey turns to the audience and, with a wave and a wink, he promises to "See Ya Real Soon."

With Mickey leading the way and an entertaining problem to solve each episode, the series is designed to excite young viewers about learning new skills and the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

The original, lively main theme song and the exuberant "Hot Dog!" song, written and performed by Grammy Award-winning alternative rock band They Might Be Giants, will be featured in each episode.

The executive producer is Rob LaDuca. Mark Seidenberg is the story editor and Vic Cook and Sherie E. Pollack are the directors. Michael Himelstein and Michael Turner are the composers. "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is from Walt Disney Television Animation.

Now in its 21st year, Walt Disney Television Animation is an industry leader in the production of quality animated properties for television. Walt Disney Television Animation has nearly a dozen series in production and over 50 projects in various stages of development.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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